Bridges Ports and Roads


Over the years, AlSuwaiket can claim that we literally paved the way to numerous projects expanding all over the Kingdom.  The natural extension of road, highway and bridge projects led to many land reclamation and earth moving, airport ,landing strip, and port projects.

Among the most recent, and noticeable, roads and bridges projects that AlSuwaiket has executed is the superhighway project in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Among other distinctive features, this vital project included three bridges, one of which is a six lane 250 meter overpass that crosses over a hundred meter wide sea water cooling channels, and a 90 meter wide pipeline corridor.

In addition to a very rich experience in projects, AlSuwaiket has expert teams of qualified project managers & engineers, equipment operators, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor pools. Additionally, AlSuwaiket owns a major fleet of specialized construction, earth moving,road con- struction, and lifting equipment with their mobile maintenance and repair shops. AlSuwaiket makes these resources available to support international contractors’  short term and long term needs and requirements.


Civil Works


The rapid and remarkable development that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  witnessed during the last quarter of the 20th century necessitated a parallel growth and development among Saudi companies
in the civl works domain . Against such a background, AlSuwaiket developed in considerable strides
to become a well recognized and respected participant in civil works activities in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries.

With outstanding professional project management teams, engineers, construction staff, operators, etc., coupled with fleets of modern specialized construction equipment, AlSuwaiket currently enjoys a reputation of excellence and reliability in numerous fields that include ports, harbors, airports, land reclamation, land reformation, earth moving, dredging, canals, dams, water resource projects, etc.

To support the short and long term requirements of major international clients, AlSuwaiket has established a specialized section to fill such needs for specialized, highly skilled, and unskilled manpower ( of all grades, disciplines and specializations ), as well as a the needs and requirements for specialized equipment with experienced licensed and certified operators , as well as the needed mobile repair and maintenance shops.

Architectural Works


Through wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture companies, AISuwaiket offers clients the highest quality and finest services in the field of architectural works. AISuwaiket takes great pride in having design, engineering and execution standards that meet the most sophisticated and specific needs of our clients.

AISuwaiket continues to develop advanced technology to meet the requirements for distinctive & deluxe facilities such as residential buildings, commercial centers, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools & universities, athletic centers, leisure centers.

AISuwaiket is extremely well geared to provide clients with a very wide range of architectural works related services from project planning to execution, quality control, and all other such services.

Industrial Plants and Installations


AlSuwaiket’s industrial plants and installations construction division is a multi-discipline enterprise committed to excellence and overall quality that meet the most stringent requirements. We aim for competitiveness relying on quality, technology and understanding of the client’s needs. We pride ourselves by our ability to manage and execute the most complex projects.

In this domain, AISuwaiket provides full Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) services and total turnkey support. AISuwaiket also participates in several types of contracts to perform EPC services through special arrangements with the client such as build-operate-transfer, build-own-operate, build-lease-transfer.

AISuwaiket’s major projects in this domain include: oil & gas facilities and installations, petrochemical plants, industrial plants, water desalination plants, power & co-generation plants, onshore and offshore specialized facilities and installations.

 Pipeline Construction


  • Complete Turn-Key Construction of Oil, Gas, and Water Pipelines
  • Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Engineering and Control
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Pipeline and Plant Piping Specialist Services
  • Sales and Servicing of Pipeline Specialist Equipment


Offshore Oil and Gas Installations Engineering, Fabrication and Construction


  • EPCI Contracts
  • Innovative Engineering Solutions
  • Comprehensive Project Management Expertise
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • High Quality Products
  • Total Turn Key Packages For:
    • Accommodation and Utilities Modules
    • Gas Compression Modules
    • Process and Production Modules
    • Power Generation Modules
    • Drilling Modules / Wellhead Decks
    • Water Injection Packages
    • Packaged Rigs
    • Jackets, Piles, Conductors, Bridges
    • Jack-up Barges, Dredgers, Mooring Systems
    • Floating Production and Storage Systems
    • Pontoons and Jetties

Metal and Process Equipment Fabrication


AISuwaiket (through wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture companies) is geared to design, fabricate, and supply a wide range of steel products under strict international codes and standards such as ISO, TEMA, BS, ASME, DIN, AWS, API, and ANSI. Our multinational partners are authorized to apply code stamps “U”, “U2”, “S”, and “PP” in accordance with ASME, ANSI, and the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessels Inspector’s Regulations.

AISuwaiket’s main objective is to create value for our customers with the highest degree of performance and quality. We are committed to provide our clients with the best-built products. Our commitment to quality does not stop with our ISO quality system or ASME qualifications. When establishing joint venture partnerships with internationally renowned fabricators, AISuwaiket seek only companies and professionals whose efficiency, high values, and strong work ethics match our own.

We manufacture and erect heavy steel components and a large variety of process equipment for the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation and desalination, industrial plants and infrastructure industries.

Industrial Chimneys and Refractory Linings


In joint venture cooperation with Europe’s leading chimney and refractory specialists, AISuwaiket has been providing concrete and steel chimney construction, chimney inspection, repair and maintenance, as well as a wide range of refractory work in Saudi Arabia since the mid 1980’s.

Our work in this domain includes:

  • Design, construction and maintenance of concrete and steel industrial chimneys, mono
    or multiflue; internal flues in acid resistant refractory bricks, in steel or plastic materials.
  • Construction of the external reinforced concrete shell by slip-forming using the most advanced technology.
  • Construction of double conical (tapered) profiles.
  • Design, construction and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures for natural draft cooling towers.
  • Refractory linings for oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical companies, steel mills and metal processing plants, glass factories, industrial plants, electricity companies, desalination plants, etc.

Interior Design, Decoration and Woodwork Fabrication


AlSuwaiket’s interior design division was established in 2001. This division is staffed by
experienced engineers who are trained to deal with more than furnishings and finishes that go into making a space look wonderful. Our approach is to blend sophistication with comfort to produce inviting interiors. AlSuwaiket’s design engineers use analytical problem- solving skills that focus on the client’s needs and aspirations. Our mission is to provide professional personal attention while offering an excellent level of design that meets our client’s aesthetic and budgetary goals.

Of the many unique features of AISuwaiket’s interior design division is its readiness to execute turnkey contracts in-house without the need to subcontract any portion of any project. AlSuwaiket  interior design division is supported by in-house workshops that are fully equipped, with the most technologically advanced tools, machinery & equipment, and that are staffed by highly qualified artisans, craftsmen, and highly skilled execution foremen and labor that produce the highest standard of fine custom furniture, woodwork, gypsum decorations, floor covers, lighting etc.

Projects completed by AISuwaiket interior design division range from turnkey projects of residential, commercial, hotels, hospitals, etc. to complete plans of kitchens, single rooms etc.

Furniture and Home Furnishings


Home furnishings today is a fashion industry reflective of trends in architecture and interior design, apparel, fashion accessories, linens and other soft goods for the home.

AlSuwaiket, through its exclusive representation of Drexel Heritage, has made available superior
home furnishings that are a faithful reflection of its synergism.

AISuwaiket also represents other international companies in the same domain from the United
States, Europe, Asian and Far Eastern countries featuring high quality elegance and difference in style. AISuwaiket also has a dedicated division that handles turnkey projects for the furnishing of palaces, residential compounds, hotels, resorts, etc.

Through its design center, AISuwaiket can assist customers at early stages in:

  •  Furniture layout
  • Marble and ceiling designs
  • Electrical layout
  • Perspective & full presentation