Food Import and Distribution

Towards the end of the 1980’s AISuwaiket established a food import and distribution division. This division grew in rapid and solid strides and is presently comprised of four main sections:


  • Food import & distribution
  • Catering services
  • Meat and vegetables processing plant
  • Electrical Consumer Goods

In the domain of food import and distribution, AISuwaiket represents world renowned manufacturers of canned, chilled, frozen and dry foods. AISuwaiket maintains specialized storage warehouses (refer, temperature controlled, dry & canned food warehouses) that are Complemented by expert staff and an integrated transportation fleet of refer and dry goods vans and trucks. Our distribution base is comprised of hundreds of clients (mega stores, major supermarkets, specialty shops, and retailers) which extend over a substantial geographical area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the neighboring countries.

In as far as the electrical consumer goods distribution, AISuwaiket is the exclusive agent for internationally renowned brands including Black & Decker housewares.


 Catering Services

In the domain of catering services, AlSuwaiket daily serves in excess of twelve thousand meals to numerous clients in private and public sector companies and organizations. AlSuwaiket has earned a well deserved reputation of continuously providing its clients with the best service and the highest
quality products


Our clients are residential compounds, bachelor camps, schools, hospitals, oil, gas, and petrochemical installations and facilities (offshore and onshore) etc.

In addition to catering services, AISuwaiket provides its clients with integrated janitorial, maintenance, gardening and life support services. Moreover, AISuwaiket provides some of its clients with specialized staff and labor of all grades, skills and qualifications for short and long term placements.


Meat and Vegetable Processing

In the domain of food processing, AISuwaiket has established a meat processing plant and a vegetables processing plant. Products from these two plants are marketed under AISuwaiket’s private labels “METRO” and “KENZY”.

AISuwaiket’s meat processing plant produces the highest quality beef, mutton, and chicken frozen products such as:

  • Chicken Products
    • minced products,
    • burgers,
    • nuggets, breasts,
    • tenders, thighs,
    • drum sticks.
  • Beef Products
    • minced products,
    • burgers,
    • choice cut steaks (tenderloin, sirloin, T-Bone, porterhouse etc.)
    • sausages etc.
  • Mutton Products
    • minced products,
    • cubed meats,
    • choice cuts,
    • sausages etc.

As for the vegetables processing plant, AISuwaiket produces a wide range of very high quality products such as okra, peas, beans, carrots, potatoes etc. These products are packed in attractive packaging in standard unit weight packages or in packs that suit the specific requirements of its clients.