Drilling (Oil, Gas, and Water Wells)

In joint venture with the Egyptian Drilling Company, AISuwaiket commenced its oil and gas well drilling activities in the mid 1990’s. Through hard work backed by very adequately equipped drilling rigs, and supported by highly experienced and well trained drilling personnel we were able to establish ourselves among the top ranks of the leading drilling companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To further establish our presence in the oil and gas domain and in line with the directives of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we embarked on a Saudization program of the oil & gas division employees whereby, by the turn of the century, the percentage of Saudi Arabian employees of the total personnel employed in AISuwaiket’s oil & gas division exceeded 55%.

Special features of the oil & gas drilling activities include:


  • Drilling & Workover services,
  • Drilling depth capabilities to 30,000 feet,
  • Onshore rigs ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 horsepower
  • Rigs equipped with the most modern equipment and top drives.

Water Well Drilling

AlSuwaiket’s Water Well Drilling department was founded in 1999. Development of this department was in large strides and on solid foundations. We currently pride ourselves in being one of very few Saudi Arabian water well drilling companies that is licensed by the Saudi government to drill to depths of 3000 meters. Our drilling rigs are modern and very well equipped capable of drilling water wells to depths of 4000 meters. Our crews and staff are very experienced & very well trained. Combining our superior and qualified management and manpower enables us to present to our clients superior and quality turnkey services.


Pumping Services

AISuwaiket’s services in this domain include:

Cementing Services

As new technologies and techniques become routine, operators are demanding new approaches to well cementing. Deepwater exploration, stringent environmental regulations and dozens of other factors drive the need to examine cementing in new ways.

AISuwaiket addresses these concerns and continues to develop innovative cementing solutions by reassessing virtually every area of the cementing process. This includes looking for ways to ensure a cement design is optimized for each particular well, and that each job design is executed as accurately as possible.

Acidizing and Matrix Stimulation

AISuwaiket has a long history of supplying top quality stimulation products and services to the oil and gas industry.

AISuwaiket brings the most focused set of matrix stimulation and water management technologies, methodologies and experience to the task of increasing production from wells.




Coiled Tubing

Our dedicated technologists have continued to develop equipment and tools to meet new, more exacting standards of performance making coiled tubing an indispensable component of the well service industry.

The increased interest in coiled tubing services, and consequently our distinctive and most technologically advanced equipment has been fueled by several factors:


  • Improved metallurgy and quality control in manufacturing the tubing
  • Increased tubing reliability
  • Larger pipe size availability for higher flowrates and pipe rigidity.



We offer the most complete package of people, products and technologies. Our frac features and characteristics include:


  • Capable, safety-conscious crews
  • Uniquely successful frac fluids
  • Innovative proppant pack enhancement additives
  • State-of-the-art frac fleets
  • Visionary frac software
  • Proprietary enzyme breakers
  • Skilled fracturing engineers
  • Application-oriented research and development
  • Highly qualified, accessible technical services


Tubular Running Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art equipment manufactured by industry leaders to client specifications backed by highly trained, skilled and experienced engineers and staff.

With reliability and safety in mind, quality control procedures are firmly in place. Every piece of equipment undergoes extensive servicing and maintenance before it is sent out to a job. Through experience and dedication we provide the optimum solution to every job we undertake.


 Process and Pipeline Services

Services offered throughout the following phases of a project’s life cycle:

  • Pipeline Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Inspection, Operational Maintenance, and Abandonment Services:
    • Air Cleaning & Drying
    • Dewatering
    • Gauging
    • Chemical and Gel Cleaning, Gel Isolation Techniques
    • Glycol and Methanol Swabbing, Grouting
    • Pigging, Instrument Scrapping, Tool Inspection
    • Pipefreezing
    • Pressure Testing
    • Product Displacement and Transfer
  • Process Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning  & Operational, Maintenance and Shutdown Services:
    • Accelerated Cool-downs
    • Advance Flaring Services
    • Chemical Cleaning
    • Clearshot Decoking
    • Compressor Run Trials
    • Helium Leak Detection
    • High Pressure Jetting
    • High Velocity Flushing
    • Hydraulic & Lube Oil Flushing
    • Nitrogen Inerting
    • Refrigerant Recovery
    • Temporary Coke Cutting
    • Temporary Fuel Gas Supply
    • Value Integrity Testing
    • Water Injection


Corrosion Prevention Products and Services

In line with AISuwaiket’s policy of constantly pursuing new technologies and state-of-the-art products and systems, in 1995 AISuwaiket established a corrosion products and services division to introduce new corrosion prevention technologies to the Saudi Arabian and the Middle East markets. Currently AISuwaiket provides corrosion preventative products and systems that include:

  • Variety of visco-elastic protective coatings and corrosion preventative systems designed to suit the most stringent requirements of the oil & gas, petrochemical, and desalination industries in particular and the industrial community in general.
  • Extremely effective corrosion preventative solutions for underground and above ground applications, splash zones, water spray zones, flanges, joints, girth welds, irregular surfaces etc.
  • Long lasting inexpensive solutions for prevention against pipelines external corrosion in the harshest and most adverse conditions and environments (subkha areas, moisture, alkalis, salts, and electrolysis, etc.).
  • Corrosion preventative products and systems that:
    • Are totally impermeable to water and oxygen,
    • Are extremely easy to apply and do not require special tools for application,
    • Require minimal surface preparation and very inexpensive site preparation,
    • Require no drying or curing time,
    • Remain visco-elastic (do not dry or become brittle) for over 30 years,
    • Have excellent adhesion on a molecular level
    • Are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and are environmentally friendly,
    • Are not affected by chloride or sulfate deposits on the substrate,
    • Have no cathodic disbonding,
    • Are fully compatible with other coatings (such as FBE, 3PE, Polypropylene, etc.)



Pipeline Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Since the early 90’s AISuwaiket has been providing pipeline owners, operators and contractors quality pipeline construction and maintenance equipment. We are proud of our accomplishments In this domain, and in line with our mission, we pledge to continue offering the best products and to continually introduce to our clients in the coming years the most technically advanced products. 


AISuwaiket is very proud to be associated with internationally renowned rnanufacturers who are leaders in the manufacture of state-of-the-art, high quality, reliable pipeline rnaintenance & cleaning equiprnent. This valuable association enables AISuwaiket to introduce its clients to numerous new technologies and tailor made solutions to very complex pipeline maintenance problems.

Currently AlSuwaiket’s pipeline maintenance and construction equipment delivery program includes the following:

  • Pipeline Scrapers, Pigs, and Spheres (foam, flexible, standard, voyager, bidirectional, batching, cleaning, & gauging).
  • Pipeline Scrapers and Pigs Accessories (cups, discs, brushes, descalers, wax scrapers, gauging plates, etc.).
  • Scraper Location Equipment & Passage Indicators.
  • Scraper Launchers and Receivers.
  • Quick Opening Closures.
  • Piggable Valves.
  • Hot Tapping Equipment.
  • Flow Stoppers.
  • Saddles, Insulators, Couplings, Repair Clamps..


 Well Control, Engineering, Consultancy and Specialised Personnel Services

In the domain of well control and related engineering services, AISuwaiket is the exclusive representative of Wild Well Control, Inc. who is much more than a firefighting and well control company. In addition to successfully handling over 1,500 well control events in the last 25 years to become the leading provider of firefighting and well control services worldwide, Wild Well Control is also the leading provider of well control engineering services.

Through this association, AISuwaiket not only provides engineered solutions for well control and pressure control problems, but also engineering services for relief well design and implementation, emergency response planning, project management and well control site management.

Services in this domain include:

  • Firefighting Services (oil & gas wells, storage wells, marine application)
  • Well Control Services (kick resolution, blowout control, pressure control, surface intervention, sub sea well control, relief well intervention, well recovery operations).
  • Integrated Services (reviews, inspections and audits)
  • Oilfield specialized consultancy services.
  • Provisioning and recruitment of specialized experienced and qualified oilfield, engineering, construction and project management personnel in the following disciplines:
    • Oilfield Exploration, Drilling, Production, Well Control, etc.
    • Engineering, design and construction,
    • Pipelines, Shutdown Services and O&M,
    • Logistics, Industrial, Management and Technical.
  • Engineering Services (well control engineering services, pressure control and kick resolution, well control site management, relief well design and implementation, contingency planning for emergency well control response, project management).